Woman-Owned Greenwood Brewing to Open on Roosevelt Row

Greenwood Brewing owner Megan Greenwood will open a brewery and beer garden on Roosevelt Row this year.
Greenwood Brewing owner Megan Greenwood will open a brewery and beer garden on Roosevelt Row this year. Courtesy of Greenwood Brewing
What started as a five-gallon home-brew kit is now becoming a new, female-owned brewery set to open this year on Roosevelt Row.

Greenwood Brewing, owned by Megan Greenwood, plans to break ground on a new brewery at Fifth and Roosevelt streets in the Roosevelt Row Arts District. The $68,000 raised on Kickstarter on Wednesday, January 9, provides the down payment for equipment and partial funds for the build-out on the upcoming Greenwood Brewery & Beer Garden. The remaining costs will be self-funded and financed. Greenwood Brewery hopes to open in spring or summer 2019.

In a male-dominated field, Greenwood strives to make women feel more welcome in the craft beer industry. Even so, their message stresses that Greenwood beer is brewed for the enjoyment of all. Greenwood wants to ensure there's an open seat, and tasty beverage, for everyone at the table.

Greenwood is currently contract-brewing and renting time and equipment from another local brewery. Its new location will allow them to house its own equipment and open up a beer garden so patrons may enjoy libations straight from the source.

In the meantime, you may enjoy a pint from Greenwood Brewing at bars and restaurants around the Valley including Pita Jungle, The Whining Pig, Kings Beer & Wine, and more.

See the Greenwood Brewing website for more information.
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