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Sea Saw: End of an Era?

In a thriving economy, we'd call Scottsdale restaurateur Peter Kasperski's grand plans to expand one of his eateries (Sea Saw) and open three brand-new ones (Mexican Standoff, Shell Shock, Confection) "ambitious." Reeeally ambitious. These days, as the SouthBridge spaces for his unopened businesses sit dark (oh god, the rent!), the guy seems incredibly overextended.

A piece on AZCentral today reflects the dire situation. It's not surprising to hear that Sea Saw chef (and James Beard award-winner) Nobuo Fukuda is getting offers from investors to open a new place (alas, there have been rumors for awhile), but it is surprising to see Kasperski, his business partner, chat about it on the record, and even hint that Sea Saw might close. Usually, this is behind-the-scenes stuff.

Downtown and Arcadia are mentioned as two possible places where Fukuda might end up. And you know what? That would be great.

My worry is that he'll bail from Arizona altogether.


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Michele Laudig
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