Sens Asian Tapas Finally Set to Open

By Michele Laudig

As they say, better late than never -- especially in this bizarre economic climate. Fate chef-owner Johnny Chu's new Asian tapas and sake bar, Sens, was supposed to have opened by now, but like many new restaurants around town, the launch was postponed by a couple of months.

Now there's officially an opening date: next Wednesday, October 22. Chu's kicking things off with a grand opening party that night (you need to be on the guest list, though), at 705 N. 1st St. (around the corner from The Breadfruit, next door to the future Pasta Bar, and down the street from Matt's).

I'm looking forward to trying things like fried quail with aromatic rock salt, pork soup dumplings, pineapple-ginger marinated pork grilled on sugar cane, and red curry crab hot pot. Not to mention, I'm stoked that I'll be able to drink sake downtown. I've long thought it would be fun to open a sake bar in this city, but it's even better that Johnny has saved me the trouble.

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