Sex and the City and the Cosmo Jelly Beans

By Amy Silverman

A few years ago, I hosted a dinner party to celebrate the last episode of Seinfeld. That was easy. We had Kenny Rogers chicken, hi-cal frozen yogurt and black & white cookies.

But when a friend put me in charge of movie snacks for her Sex and the City party this coming weekend, I was stumped. You know, you often see the girls out to eat, but what are they eating? Usually fries, if I recall correctly. Won't travel well. (Plus, who are we fooling? I bet the actresses spit those fries right out, without swallowing. She might be married to Ferris Bueller, but there's nothing kitschy about Sarah Jessica Parker's bod.)

Flasks? Too expensive. Also possibly illegal. And maybe a bit tacky. The party hostess (a dear friend absolutely obsessed with SATC, she says she plans to have her toes decorated with rhinestones arranged in the shape of cocktail glasses. I believe her, this woman owns a BeDazzler) tipped me off.

"Cosmopolitan-flavored jelly beans," she said.

A trip to the Jelly Belly site was fruitless, so i Googled cosmo and jelly bean and sure enough, there they were, at cocoabon.com. I spent way too much to procure twelve containers, and while they arrived in bags instead of the tins I thought I'd ordered, they still look pretty cute.

An official taste test put the flavor at more cranberry than cosmo, but to me, most jelly beans taste the same unless they're peanut butter or popcorn-flavored. And it's not like these actually have vodka in them.

Now, that's a business idea.

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