Shopping for Kitchen Supplies: Marshall's

Ask any chef or great cook and they'll tell you - it's all in the tools. Home cooks could spend the rest of their lives amassing their collection, and truth be told - they often do.

But what if you're just starting out, on a budget, or widening your culinary horizons? This week, we'll give you a guide to get you through the salad days of stocking up. From hidden gems found at your local fashion discounter to gigantic pots and pans in restaurant supply houses, there's something to be found for every kitchen, and at every price point. Here's how to kit your kitchen like a pro, from five different points of view.

Today, we're checking out:

Marshall's 1801 E Camelback Rd #101 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Web site

Savvy shoppers have been finding bargains galore at Marshall's for years and years. Surprisingly, some people have never made it to the back, to peek through piles of kitchen goods and find the perfect kitchen addition. Just like you might have to wade through rows of tacky dresses to find the $15 sassy number, the same is true with the kitchen area. Patience, and smart shopping, can help to hone in on great deals.

Like stacks and stacks of orange Cuisinart cooking gadgets, from graters to knives to measuring cups, all starting at around $5. And piles of Calphalon bakeware, including loaf pans for about $7. Or red and blue Pyrex measuring bowls, cups, and lidded bakeware starting at $3. Or the entire OXO Good Grips product line at under $10. Get ready to move an item or two in order to see what's behind door number two, but you'll be happy you did.

Since Marshall's is working with close-outs and overstocks, it's a great place to find a missing glass, or bowl, or frying pan that might have started out as a set at one point in time. Like an All-Clad 10 inch frying pan for around $25. Or the Mario Batali enameled cast iron Dutch oven for $20.

Marshall's stocks cookbooks, including ones that have recently gone out of print, or should soon, like Rocco DiSpirito's direct to tv shopping networks cookbook series. There is also a great selection of tea towels, oven mitts, and kitchen rugs in all manner of colors. If you like to change your kitchen with the seasons, Marshalls is a great spot to stock up, and on the cheap.

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