Spicy Fish Filet at Lao Ching Hing

The more unusual Chinese dishes are on the dinner menu, but that didn't stop me from swinging by Lao Ching Hing for a decent lunch that ran me a little more than ten bucks, including a pot of hot tea.

The "spicy fish filet" was small pieces of batter-dipped white fish, covered in chopped green onions and slightly sweet, very spicy sauce that I can still feel at the back of my throat. I inhaled a pile of fried rice that came with it, just to revive my tastebuds from the fire.

A bowl of egg drop soup, dotted with corn and peas, a small fried spring roll, and a bowl of crunchy fried noodle snacks made it a filling meal.

Lao Ching Hing's dining room is a real mood-lifter, decorated with lanterns, a dragon garland, and a giant gold Budai (a.k.a. Hotei in Japanese, one of the Seven Lucky Gods) -- he's a symbol of happiness, wealth, and good fortune. I could hang out and drink tea there all day long.

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