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Stax Burger Bistro: Lunch $10 and Under

$10 dollar lunch ... sort of.

Say you are in Scottsdale and you are looking for a place to have lunch. You see Stax Burger Bistro and you think burgers. Sure why not? But once you sit down, menu in hand, you fear you may have made a mistake.

The furnishings are sparse and modern, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, but that's not what we're talking about. These burgers are prissy. True, they are sliders -- again not a bad thing -- but they come with odd toppings like a thin slice of pineapple or peach BBQ sauce or -- asparagus tips?

There's a whole masculine/feminine conundrum here. Burgers are typically substantial, hungry man fare, but these burgers are so totally wimpy. Now there's nothing wrong with a hot plate of tasty sliders but again there is just something off here. 

How can a place expect us to take its hamburgers seriously when the staff didn't ask me how I'd like my meat prepared? 

The sliders range in price from $5 to $7 so there is also the conflict of  - will one be enough? Probably not, right? Which means you're paying $10-$14 for lunch, without a side or drink. Sheesh.

One thing Stax in Scottsdale is good for though is role-playing. Say you've been watching too many episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County and you want to pretend that you're one of "them". You want to find a place where you can eat 3 oz. of meat and call it lunch. Or order your 3 oz. tiny burger and then ask to have it "topless" so you aren't consuming unnecessary bun calories. Or "bunless." Isn't that cute "topless" or "bunless". Feh. Give me a break.

Next time I'm taking my ten dollars somewhere else.

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