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Stephen Colbert on "Snacksploration" and "Second Breakfast"

Responsible snacking is for the birds. As 'mericans we should be able to consume as many calories as we possibly can in one sitting. No one is going to take that right away from us!

But our right to gorge ourselves on 600 calorie chocolate bars is being threatened. Mars Candy recently announced that they are pulling the plug on our precious king size candy bars. This could be the start of America's demise as the frontrunners in "snacksploration."

Good thing we have our favorite commentator Stephen Colbert "exploring new vistas of meal time," including the addition of "second breakfast," "dream-etizers," and, of course, the "dinner prequel."

The Colbert Report
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Thanks, Stephen Colbert, for putting our exact thought into your brilliant words. We look forward to the day when "bru-lunch" and "late night smunching" are a reality.

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