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TapIt Cap Makes a Growler Into a Mini-Keg

The TapIt Cap is a device that promises to turn your average growler into your very own mini-keg. As you know, growlers are awesome, and we were extremely psyched when Arizona changed its booze laws to allow their sale.

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However, the problem with growlers is that they're a victim of what makes them wonderful: the amount of beer they can hold. A properly filled growler can sit happily for a week or so with no problem, but open it up and start pouring beer and it'll start losing its magic in less than a day. That's where the TapIt Cap comes in.

The TapIt uses an integrated CO2 cartridge, like the sort you'd use with a whipping siphon, to pressurize your growler. This helps keep the beer inside both carbonated and protected from oxygen, which will slowly rob the beer of flavor over time. After every pour, you just tap the cartridge a few times to re-pressurize and your beer stays happy. There's a pressure-release value built into the cap, so there's no risk of turning your growler into a beer-flavored IED. The current design keeps the pressure at 9 psi, which the designer claims is about the pressure your growlers gets to from regular warming and jostling. Further, he claims that their own testing has shown the growlers generally are able to withstand 112 psi and even the weakest growlers don't fail below 100 psi.

The manufacturer hopes to sell the TapIt Cap for around $50 retail but is using Kickstarter to raise the initial capital to purchase equipment and help finalize the design. The reward tiers include the usual mix of TapIt Caps, t-shirts, and recognition from the company. At the highest tier, backers will even receive one of the prototype caps, which feature a hose instead of the proposed tap handle.

So there it is: a device that could help you banish six packs of lesser beer from your fridge indefinitely in favor of your favorite obscure microbrew.

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