Because nothing quite says "I love you" like a nice big slice of bull testicle pie, UK gourmet pie maker, Charlie Bigham, went ahead and created one just in time for Valentine's Day 

Testicle Pie and Brief Jerky -- The Perfect Valentine's Day Presents

The "world's first aphrodisiac pie" contains real bits of slow-cooked bull testes that have been marinated in something called "mama juana" liquor -- a Dominican Republic aphrodisiac made from run, red wine, herbs, and bark, also known as "liquid viagra" -- and also contains ginseng to keep you, err, going once the aphrodisiac qualities have kicked in, plus fresh onions, carrots, herbs, and a fluffy puff pastry. 

These not-so-edible undies are made out of only the finest dehydrated meat strips and then lovingly bedazzled. And you can have your very own pair for just $139 plus shipping and handling. Click here to purchase the quintessential Valentine's Day gift! 

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