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Testicle Pie and Brief Jerky -- The Perfect Valentine's Day Presents

Because nothing quite says "I love you" like a nice big slice of bull testicle pie, UK gourmet pie maker, Charlie Bigham, went ahead and created one just in time for Valentine's Day 

The "world's first aphrodisiac pie" contains real bits of slow-cooked bull testes that have been marinated in something called "mama juana" liquor -- a Dominican Republic aphrodisiac made from run, red wine, herbs, and bark, also known as "liquid viagra" -- and also contains ginseng to keep you, err, going once the aphrodisiac qualities have kicked in, plus fresh onions, carrots, herbs, and a fluffy puff pastry. 

These not-so-edible undies are made out of only the finest dehydrated meat strips and then lovingly bedazzled. And you can have your very own pair for just $139 plus shipping and handling. Click here to purchase the quintessential Valentine's Day gift! 

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Shannon Armour
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