Chow Bella

Thanksgiving Invades the Internet

Log on to YouTube right now, and you'll be bombarded with several Thanksgiving videos. We've got people cooking, people crafting and even people crafting cookies. Wait a minute...I thought Thanksgiving was about football and drinking brews. 

Our favorite comes from Spatulatta which features two junior cooks making pilgrim hats with acorn squash and quinoa. Why do we like it? It makes us simultaneously realize how great these kids are and how pathetic our own cooking skills are by comparison. We're not even sure what Quinoa is.

Next up is Gordoneeriksen with a video on preparing a roast turkey dinner. If you want to know why we like this one, wait for 2:30 at which our dear chef takes a mallet and one of the largest knives we've seen to a poor, defenseless turkey.  

Happy Turkey Day. -- Jonathan McNamara

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Jonathan McNamara