That'll Do, Big Pig from Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue, That'll Do

Message to loaded fries everywhere: Game. Oinkin'. On.

Think you've stuffed yourself silly on chef Bryan Dooley's top-notch 'cue at his hoppin' little joint in Cave Creek?

Not like this.

Now cue the ringing of that cowboy triangle dinner bell, we're gonna eat.

Aptly named the Big Pig, this regular special still hasn't made it to Bryan's permanent menu, but that doesn't mean the decadent dish is any less worthy of its barbecued brethren.

Loaded up as if were your last meal on Earth and boasting a killer concoction of flavors, the Big Pig features a trough basket of golden French fries smothered in Dooley's stellar pulled pork with a spicy and vinegar-rich signature sauce, beans, green onions, stinging brined jalapeños, and a generous squirting of sour cream, all for around 10 bucks.

Is it an entree? Yes. Is it an appetizer. Sure. Whatever it is, you're going to need to loosen your belt to knock this Big Pig down, whether it's with a fork or your hands.

And when you do order a Big Pig at Bryan's, expect the counter gal to ring the cowboy triangle dinner bell over the cash register to let you (and the rest of the restaurant) know that a Big Pig has been summoned.

Consider yourself warned.

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