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The Five Most Disgusting Foods in the World

From bugs to dirt to rotten animal parts, there sure are plenty of disgusting things to eat out there. You may think you've seen it all but we've complied a list of what we believe to be the five most disgusting, truly gut-wrenching, make-you-throw-up-in-your-mouth-a-little foods from all over the world.

Read on if you dare, this one isn't for the the faint of heart... And please, share your own gross-out in our comments section.

5. Chicha: the milk of chewed up, rotting corn
The ancient Incan brewers of chicha were young girls who went to special schools to learn the art of brewing. But that nice mental imagery doesn't make it final product any less gross. Chicha is often served at festivals and celebrations to foster a sense of community and because, hey, what makes you feel more connected with your neighbor than swapping spit?

To make the pale-yellow, milky drink women would first chew corn into a nice pulp and then spit the substance into a warm jar of water. It would be left to sit for a few days before being ready to drink as a mildly alcoholic beverage. In was considered rude to refuse to share the drink so visitors were told to at least sip the drink.

Boiled-alive fertilized duck embryo, anyone? Mmmmm -- after the jump.  

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