The Instagram Food Artist You Have to Check Out

Where food, art, rap, and nerd culture meet, you'll find @tishacherry's Instagram feed. Her playful use of edible materials like French fries, honey, soy sauce, and Oreos to create pieces ranging from intricate portraits to simple pop culture designs will have you scrolling through her feed for hours. From Kimye to Bart Simpson to Chewbacca, here are some of our favorite pieces of foodie art, courtesy of @tishacherry's wild, tasty imagination.

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Mona Lisa's smile makes much more sense in Oreo form.

It's the Queen Honey Bey.

This beautiful wasabi and soy piece makes us feel serene and hungry for sushi all at once.

Food art imitates art.

Still hungry? Maybe not...

This wookie cookie is the bomb.

And, saving the best for last, the Miley-inspired "Wrecking Ball" dessert video.

If you haven't already started following this Instartist, it's time to get on that because there are plenty more awesome examples of rappers, pop stars, actors, cartoons, and other iconic figures immortalized in junk food for your viewing pleasure.

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