Chow Bella

The Mac Snack Wrap, Rap: Provisional Poet

The Mac Snack Wrap Rap (to the tune of Sir Mix-A-Lot's, "Baby Got Back")

I like Big Macs and I can not lie, you other eaters can't deny, that when a burger comes in with a big, fat taste, and nothin' to waste, you get sprung, wanna pull out your tough, then you see it's a tortilla that's stuffed, a weak shell of bread it's wearin', I'm stunned and I can't stop starin'. I like my burgers thick and juicy, can't find my Big Mac double, this Mac Attack's in trouble, the Mac Wrap is just rubble. So the Big Mac is all fat, well I can get down with that. You can have those light, wimpy, chopped up wrecks, I'm not a girl who pecks. To those Mac Wrap ads in the magazines, you ain't it Miss Thing! So ladies (yeah!), ladies (yeah!), if you're down with Micky Dee's, Then get the Mac, forget the Wrap, even Ronald's down with that,

No Mac Snack Wraps! (x4)

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Laura Hahnefeld
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