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Thrillist Picked Oregano's as ASU's "Best College Drunk Food"; Here Are 5 Better Options for Your Drunken Munchie Needs

If there's one thing that unites the tens of thousands of Arizona State University students and grads, it's pride in the fact that we know a thing or two about drinking. And not just the act of drinking -- though we can generally kick ass at all sorts of drinking games and shenanigans -- but also everything that goes along with binge-drinking culture. For example, smuggling booze into places it shouldn't be or knowing the best ways to satisfy those 3 a.m. hunger urges.

That means if you're going to throw out a list of "the best college drunk foods" and include ASU on the list, you'd better know what the heck you're talking about. Which, obviously, someone didn't because Oregano's is definitely not a Sun Devil drunk-food spot. For one thing, the place closes at 11 p.m. -- and that's on the weekend. For another? Well, don't get us started.

More important, here are five places that are Sun Devil drunk food spots.

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Gus' Pizza 933 E. University Dr. www.GusNewYorkPizza.com

Does the pizza taste like cardboard? Yup. But that's not the point. This 24-hour spot is located within stumbling distance from freshman dorms, the stadium, and other important on-campus locales. It's cheap, it delivers, and it accepts fake ASU money (also called Sun Dollars).

Bosa Donuts 1835 E. Southern Ave. 480-897-8080

Bosa Donuts are good all the time, but since the Tempe location is open 24 hours, they're even better around 3 a.m. We've seen passed-out drunk girls get hoisted outta this joint by their totally-not-irritated friends, and we once saw the place swell with patrons after a nearby house party got broken up by the cops. Nothing like munching on a maple bar while trying not to get a Minor In Consumption!

Filiberto's Pretty much everywhere www.filibertos.com

How can we not show some love for this hometown fave? Filiberto's launched in 1993 in Mesa and has since become a go-to spot for Mexican dining of all hours. Craving a breakfast burrito at 4 a.m.? Filly B's, as it's sometimes affectionately called, has you covered.

Oliveo 933 E. University Drive, #108 ww.oliveogrill.com

Since ASU also has a reputation for having really, really, ridiculously good-looking chicks, it should go without saying that even when drunk, they have to consider their figures. It's pretty much the only reason we can figure why this Tempe joint is still in business. With delivery service to most places on and around campus until 3:30 a.m., Oliveo's makes "healthy" drunk eating totally possible.

In-N-Out 920 E. Playa Del Norte Drive www.in-n-out.com

If you're from California, then you've probably been going to In-N-Out for drunk food since, like, the first time you got drunk. And for the rest of the ASU student population, it's an awesome treat that you can head here until 1:30 a.m. on the weekends and pound a Double Double.

And our runners-up? Hungry Howie's (because, damn that garlic crust) and IHOP (you know, the 24-hour one across from Gammage).

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