Chow Bella

Toffee and Coffee at Urban Beans

A giant latte was all I thought I needed when I stopped by Urban Beans today, but then I walked up to the counter.

Hello, toffee!

Having been one of those weird kids who always craved the strangely adult-sounding Heath bars when everyone else was stocking up on Nerds and Garbage Pail Kids, I still have absolutely no resistance to buttery, softly crunchy toffee.

Why do I waste my time eating cereal or oatmeal or granola (or, admittedly, the infrequent Egg McMuffin guilty pleasure) every morning? Clearly, chocolate-covered, nut-filled toffee is a much better companion for coffee, its sugar rush making my fingers type at lightning speed.

Hope this buzz lasts until lunchtime . . .

Anyway, if you haven't been to Urban Beans yet, you'll find it refreshingly low-key -- it's unlikely you'll ever have to fight for a place to sit here.

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Michele Laudig
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