Tokyo Lobby gets new digs

You never know what you'll learn when you're inconspicuously munching on fried ama-ebi heads and yellowtail sashimi.

The other night, I felt lousy, like I was coming down with something. I've been blaming my occasional cough on allergies, but this felt like a real cold. At times like that, I turn to sake and wasabi to keep me going, so I headed up to Tokyo Lobby for some raw fish and rocket fuel (I'm a cold sake gal, usually, but a carafe of hot stuff does the trick when I'm under the weather). I don't mind eating alone, but at sushi bars, I really enjoy it -- and I often end up talking to some cool people, like I did at Tokyo Lobby.

Anyway, I got the word straight from the guys behind the counter that the popular west side sushi joint is moving next week. They don't have far to go, though -- looking right out Tokyo Lobby's front window, you can see the new storefront right across the parking lot. So if you live in the hood, rest assured that they'll still rule the southeast corner of 59th Ave and Bell.

Tokyo Lobby will be closed for a few days during the transition, so give 'em a call before you head over there for a plateful of maki.

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