Trente-Cinq 35 begins lunch service

Any new Central Phoenix lunch option is cause for celebration, in my book -- especially when it's a restaurant I already enjoy for dinner. The fact that I'll be able to eat moules frites more often only adds to my happiness.

Starting next week, on September 4, Trente-Cinq 35 will start offering a weekday lunch service. Chef-owner Lionel Geuskens says he'll still offer Belgian dishes -- namely those mussels in white wine broth, along with fabulous fries -- but the menu will feature lighter food than in the evening.

Among the sandwich and salad selections will be an endive salad with raspberries, raspberry vinaigrette, sugared walnuts, and goat cheese; a baked, honey-glazed ciabatta sandwich filled with prosciutto, gruyere, and tomatoes; and toasted ciabatta smothered in mushrooms and gruyere bechamel sauce.

Lunch will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, while dinner will still be served Tuesday through Saturday evenings. Trente-Cinq 35 is located at 2333 N. 7th St.

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