Vegan and Dog Friendly, Wy~Knot Cafe Serves Standout Made-to-Order Breakfasts and Familiar Coffee

In an effort to make Mom proud, Chow Bella's taking a good, hard look at the most important meal of the day in the form of Scrambled, a mashup of breakfast recipes, news, and reviews of local restaurants serving the a.m. crowd.

We recently got a chance to swing by the Wy~Knot Cafe on 7th St., named after the owner's English Springer Spaniel, Wyatt. This is the spot that has housed Drip and Perc Up Coffee Cafe. Chef/Owner Jackie Percival took it over at the end of December and since then has relied on word of mouth to spread the word on her first full-service cafe.

We're hoping to spread the word, too: For a quaint and comfortable breakfast being served with outstanding service and food, head to this new cafe with the name that begs you to give it a go.

We're glad we did. On this mid-morning visit, we had an easy time finding parking in the back and entered the small cafe housed in the same strip as Humble Pie. We noticed a mashup of interior style - maybe a nod to the cafe's name -- why not. Filling the main dining and side room were brushed metal high top tables, tables for 4, a small modern couch with a rolled leg antique coffee table topped with magazines, diner chairs, a shabby chic console, a booth and few more dining tables with both 70's and 80's era chairs.

We walked up to the register/barista station, ordered from the menu featuring scrambles (tofu or egg), fritattas, breakfast sandwiches, baked pancakes, french toast and bagels. Our young dining partner needed a high chair and we were not sure what kind of accommodations were available for the younger eaters. Not only was there a high chair available but a colorful lidded kiddie cup for juice -- fantastic.

After getting seated and served coffee and juice, we asked the server about the special posted at the entrance. Posted on the door where we entered, was a sign for a "Michael's" dish. Michael, she explained, is a lawyer who works nearby. As he (and the other lawyers in his office) is a regular customer, Percival invited him to bring in a favorite or family recipe for her to serve. It was shared with us that others can do the same. Clever way to make some loyal friends, huh?

While we sipped the same delicious, Cafe Feminino-sourced, Perc Up roasted coffee (the same coffee that's been served in this space for the last 6 months), we noticed that not only were little ones welcome, but dogs, too. The patio outside is dog friendly and you can even order your furry buddies a natural peanut butter and rolled oat doggie cookie.

The made-to-order breakfasts arrived quickly on brown oval diner-style plates. Even though the plate read 80's Denny's, the food was plated with style and attention to detail. The butter was piped into a little swirl on top of the toasts (nice touch), and the scrambled tofu with spinach and roasted tomatoes looked inviting and was filled with fresh spinach leaves and intensely sweet, soft house-roasted tomatoes. Our dining partner kept -- understandably -- stealing the tomatoes off our plate. The diced red potatoes were a bit more seasoned that we prefer but that's not to say that you wouldn't love them. The fresh pineapple wedge was a welcome sweet bite.

The Lil' Scrambler's plate had perfectly cooked scrambled eggs and the same toast with fancy butter, potatoes and fruit.

We overheard a guest, who walked in after us, gush about how they had to bring their friends to try out the restaurant. He did. He brought 4 of his coworkers with him that day.

The verdict: A welcoming neighborhood cafe with a great cup of coffee and standout made-to order-menu for vegans, vegetarians and everyone in-between, including your pooch.

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Jennifer Woods
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