Vegan Eats at Pomegranate Cafe, The Expatriate Mainer's Brunch Review For Harlow's/Joe's Diner/5th Ave. Cafe/St. Francis, OOO (Orange Olive Oil) Cupcakes

A round-up of tasty morsels from Valley food blogs.

Valley vegan blog Four Legs Good shared their love of the recent brunch at Pomegranate Cafe in Ahwatukee. They tried the scramble special consisting of "vegan chorizo; tofu; sautéed peppers, onions and zucchini; avocado; pinto beans and Daiya vegan cheese, plus a spinach tortilla." They also tried the grilled vegetable quesadilla special which was "full of sweet potatoes, zucchini, green chili peppers and oodles of my favorite vegan food item - Daiya cheese" on this particular visit to a packed house.

The Expatriate Mainer shared a few of his favorite finds over the last few weeks of weekend brunch hopping. Mainer has a special affinity for chorizo and is a fan of it at both Harlow's Cafe and 5th Ave Cafe. He finds Joe's Diner pretty consistent with attentive owners. The St. Francis meal was "spectacular," "crazy good" and he was "in love" with his order of Pork Chile Verde with cilantro, lime, jack cheese, two sunny side up eggs, and homemade cornbread. Check out the full post with reviews.

Have you ever thought to bake cupcakes with orange flavored olive oil? We haven't either. Leave it to Linda Hopkins of Les Petite Gourmettes to share her creativity in the kitchen and use some locally-sourced olive oil from the Queen Creek Olive Mill to make some breakfast/snack magic. Here's the recipe and some other flavored olive oil recipe ideas.

Hey metro Phoenix eaters, if you have a food blog or know of one we've missed, leave word in the comments section.

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