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Virtu Honest Craft Up For Best New Bar in Food & Wine Magazine

It's been a pretty wild year or so for chef Gio Osso and his team at Virtù Honest Craft in Old Town Scottsdale. After being named one of the Best New Restaurants in 2013 by Esquire, it looks like those aren't all of the accolades in store for Virtu. Food & Wine released a line-up of reader's picks for the brand new "Best New Bar" category and Virtu made the list of places you can vote for to win the Southwestern/Western distinction.

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Although Virtù is up against some really stiff competition (L.A.'s No Vacancy and the Tales of the Cocktail 2014 Spirited Award winning Polite Provisions in San Diego), it's pretty exciting that the Scottsdale spot was selected to be a part of such a high-class of bars on the best coast(/southbest?). It's also pretty cool that there's a "Best New Bar" category at all. Maybe mixology isn't a fad after all, eh?

True, Virtù's bar program has gone through quite a bit of turnover at the helm in its short span. Originally, it was overseen by Clint Spotleson and then Kailee Gielgens, but now the reigns are with newcomer Bobby Kramer. Many of Gielgens' and Spotleson's creations still grace the current menu, such as the Ice Queen and the Virtù Starter Kit. However, Gielgens and consulting bartender Jason Asher will both be working with Kramer on the next menu.

Aside from all that, show your local bar some love and vote for Virtù by visiting the Food & Wine reader's choice page for "Best New Bar" from now until Tuesday, September 30. The winners will be announced on Thursday, October 2.

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