We Tasted and Ranked Every Flavor of LaCroix Sparkling Water

So refreshing, right?
So refreshing, right? Evie Carpenter
Okay, we get it. We tried holding out. But then we gave in. And now we understand the craze surrounding LaCroix sparkling water.

These glorified seltzer waters appeal to the masses partly due to the fact that they have no calories, sweeteners, or sodium, which the company proudly boasts on every piece of packaging.

click to enlarge The gang's all here. - EVIE CARPENTER
The gang's all here.
Evie Carpenter
The rest of the appeal, we assume, comes from the sheer number of flavor options — 20, actually. Oh, and the fact that this 30-year-old company became a social media phenomenon seemingly overnight. Like, if you post a photo on Instagram of yourself yachting without a can of LaCroix in the frame, did you even go yachting?

So, with the soothing sound of carbonation bubbling out of 20 open cans of LaCroix in front of us, we dove in — we dove in hard. And we've resurfaced to reveal (from worst to best) which LaCroix flavors are worth it and which taste more like you just walked through the perfume section of a department store with your mouth open.

click to enlarge Honestly, just skip these. - EVIE CARPENTER
Honestly, just skip these.
Evie Carpenter
20. LaCola
Why they thought watering down Coke was a good idea is beyond us.

19. Muré Pepino (Blackberry Cucumber)
Hard no. We should have known from just the name it was going to be terrible. Cucumber should only flavor plain water … and only at a spa.

18. Peach Pear
This one tastes like disappointment.

17. Kiwi Sandía (Kiwi Watermelon)
Its flavor is kind of like acid, with a hint of perfume.

16. Piña Fraise (Pineapple Strawberry)
It's like if you licked one of those tree-shaped car air fresheners. The strawberry flavor was actually detectable, though. (A small plus.)

click to enlarge These ones weren't completely terrible. - EVIE CARPENTER
These ones weren't completely terrible.
Evie Carpenter
15. Pomme-bayá (Apple-Berry)
Neither apple nor berry was detectable. But we did taste a touch of Lip Smackers lip balm.

14. Berry
Now we see why it was so hard to find this flavor in actual stores. Because almost every other generic "berry" artificial flavoring is better.

13. Mango
They were so close … so close.

12. Tangerine
It was a little too pithy for our liking.

11. Pure
We're completely neutral on this. If you like seltzer water, this will do.

click to enlarge These taste like actual drinks, not room sprays. - EVIE CARPENTER
These taste like actual drinks, not room sprays.
Evie Carpenter
10. Apricot
This would pair well with breakfast ... probably.

9. Melón Pomelo (Grapefruit Melon)
It's trying too hard.

8. Cran-raspberry
There isn't, but it tastes the most like there could be sugar in there.

7. Lime
This LaCroix tasted the most like what it was trying to be. We guess you could say it's authentic?

6. Cerise limón
It's like your favorite drink from Sonic without the guilt.

click to enlarge And here are the top five. - EVIE CARPENTER
And here are the top five.
Evie Carpenter
5. Passionfruit
Somehow this tastes like champagne, and we're not complaining.

4. Orange
It's the Sunny D for adults.

3. Coconut
Okay, some say this tastes like sunscreen. Well, then we say whatever sunscreen those people use must be delicious. Also, pro tip: This flavor goes great with vodka.

2. Lemon
Look up "refreshing" in the dictionary. You won't see a picture of Lemon LaCroix, but you should.

1. Pamplemousse
This light, grapefruity sparkling water makes you feel like Beyonce just gave you a compliment.

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