Guilty Pleasures

We Tried the Sriracha Quesarito from Taco Bell (and Lived to Tell the Tale)

The Guilty Pleasure: The Sriracha Quesarito Where to Get It: Taco Bell, duh Price: Roughly $3, depending on your choice of meat. What it Really Costs: Your pride of not eating Taco Bell for dinner, a little bit of your love for sriracha, and possibly a plumbing bill.

Well, they didn't kill us yet, so therefore it must be time for Taco Bell to put out a new creation.

Whether you find them disgusting or disgustingly delightful, you have to admit that Taco Bell has never been short on ideas when it comes to combining the various food groups of the people who actually eat Taco Bell sober (primarily Doritos, Mountain Dew, and grease).

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This month's creation is the Sriracha Quesarito, which is available for right around $3, and can be filled with chicken, steak, or ground beef. Of course, we had to try one (or two, because no one goes to Taco Bell and only gets one item).

We're big fans of sriracha, burritos are one of our favorite food groups, and who doesn't love quesadillas? So we had unusually high hopes going into the taste test for Taco Bell's latest Frankenstein dish.

From the moment we were handed our order, the smell of Taco Bell wafted into our nostrils. It's a nearly impossible smell to describe, but it's not always unpleasant. It smells like what you'd imagine Mexican food might smell like, had you never actually smelled Mexican food before. In this sense, Taco Bell is like the Goodwill of food. No matter what you get, there's always the signature scent that comes with it.

Sometimes, the Taco Bell smell can be deceiving, as while the majority of Taco Bell's menu tastes approximately the same, they've had some variations within their limited-time creations that have been quite delicious.

The Sriracha Quesarito is relatively simple, all things considered. It's a standard Taco Bell burrito (meat, rice, tortilla, Taco Bell flavoring) wrapped in a layer of cheese and another tortilla, all with a dab of Sriracha mixed into it.

We tried both the beef and the chicken, and at first bite, the items tasted like any other burrito from Taco Bell (although we still miss the 89-cent Cheesy Double Beef Burrito).As we continued to eat, a change took place as the spicy delightfulness of the Sriracha began to grace our mouths.

While the Sriracha was undoubtedly an improvement (unless you're some kind of monster who doesn't like the magical condiment), it doesn't really fix the usual soggy textural issues of Taco Bell fare when it not served in a hard-shell taco.

Ultimately, the Sriracha Quesarito proved to be better than a lot of Taco Bell's offerings, and very well may be on the list next time we order 18 things from the drive-through at 2:45 a.m., it'll never live up to the gold standard set by the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos.

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