Who Won the 2017 Pi-Ku Contest?
Zac McDonald

Who Won the 2017 Pi-Ku Contest?

Thanks to all who participated in our Pi-Ku contest for a spot on the judging panel at this year's Pie Social, happening Sunday, Nov. 19 at 2 p.m. at Hance Park in Phoenix.

The competition was fierce, the winners clear. We have a few to share here with you — and if your name is on this list, please come to the registration table on Sunday so we can give you some tasting tickets.

In third place, we have Heeyoung Yoo with:

Please don't bring store-bought
Pie flavored with sweat is best
Bonus: bake apple

Second goes to Andy Etchart:

I'm sorry I missed
The birth of our sweet baby
They had pie downstairs

And first place — and a spot on the judging panel this Sunday — belongs to Grishma Singh:

Pies are how I eat
my daily servings of fruit.
(Please don't tell my mom.)

We also have one honorable mention, which goes to Judy Adams:

When Trump gets me down
I’m reminded of Ducey
Whole pie and fork please

See you Sunday!

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