Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee Beer Commercials!

It turns out that Arizona missed out on a very important commercial during this past Sunday's Super Bowl.

It featured an American comic genius, a field of flowers, and a can of ...

Old Milwaukee beer.

Will Ferrell, the star of most of my favorite movies (Talidega Nights, Anchor Man, Old School, Step Brothers, Good Guys, Stranger Than Fiction), has been keeping busy these days by endorsing the classic beer brand. A series of commercials featuring the actor in small towns like Davenport, Iowa,Terre Haute, Indiana and Milwaukee, Wisconsin have been making their way around the interwebs over the past few months but the latest ad spot was aired only in North Platte, Nebraska.

And somehow the 30-second spot has actually received more attention then any other Super Bowl commercial and is being touted as "brilliant". (Business Week goes into a TON of detail here).

It got my attention -- and then turned into a HUGE time waster because I had to watch all the rest of them.

And then, of course, I went out and bought a 12-pack of Old Milwaukee.

Who knows what happened after that.

All right so I didn't get blackout drunk off a 12-pack of Old Milwaukee but I did watch all of the commercials a good three times each. This is one of my favorites

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