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Willo Bakery & Grocery closes unexpectedly

By Michele Laudig

Jeez, Robrt, did you put them out of business?

Last week, Robrt Pela's highly entertaining rant about crap service at Willo Bakery was met with an online chorus of "Hell, yes!" Who knew everybody hated it so much?

And now the joint's closed. Not surprising, really. I don't comment on my own blog, but I could've easily joined in the bitchfest. I got equally -- and consistently -- lame treatment by employees, and found the quality of produce to be sorely lacking. Frankly, the place hasn't been on my rotation for a long time now.

Willo closed its doors yesterday, unexpectedly. According to an employee at My Florist, the restaurant right next door, it will be shuttered indefinitely.

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Michele Laudig
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