Worm Diets, Ra Sushi in Mesa Turns Two and Donut as Aphrodisiac in Today's Eater's Digest

An early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives.

A parasite diet? You must be joking. Unfortunately, no. There is an actual diet where you ingest real intestinal worms to lose weight. Hong Kong is now warning people of the risks involved with this extraordinarily bizarre diet fad, reports Business Week. Read the story here.

If worms aren't your thing, check out Ra Sushi's anniversary party tonight. In celebration of its two year anniversary, the Mesa location is offering food and drink specials from 8 pm to close.

Forget the chocolate, the cupcakes, and the perfume this Valentine's Day. According to this New York Times article, it turns out that the scent of donuts mixed with licorice or cucumbers, and Good and Plenty candy, is what will really get you in the mood.

What's better then chocolate glazed donuts? Homemade chocolate glazed donuts! And these have potatoes in the mix so that makes them healthy, right?

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