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Arizona Republican Party January 2016 Meeting

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Stephen Lemons
Arizona GOP chair Robert Graham, who is considering a run for Republican National Committee chair.
The Arizona Republican Party's mandatory January 2016 meeting was notable for what didn't happen at it.

See, conservative GOP bomb-thrower A.J. LaFaro tried to put two resolutions on the agenda that Saturday: one censuring AZ GOP chair Robert Graham and another "endorsing" anybody but U.S. Senator John McCain in this year's GOP primary.

All the local press was on hand to see if LaFaro succeeded, but he was foiled when the state party's parliamentarian shot down LaFaro's attempt to bring the resolutions to the floor. LaFaro was enraged, but he's not a fella who gives up easy. Or ever.

So LaFaro will be back on April 30 during the AZ GOP's state convention in Mesa, where tuskers will be picking delegates for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. 

No doubt, he will do his devilish best to bring to the floor a resolution censuring Graham, and demanding his resignation yet again.