Closer Look: Inside Renegade by MOD in Scottsdale

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What does the Valley's biggest risk-taker of a restaurant look like at the moment?

Its cuisine takes a familiar dish and plugs it into a culinary electric socket, invigorating it with inspirations from countries like Japan, Italy, and China, and presenting it in ways that make necks crane at nearby tables. You might see courses of top-shelf produce, seafood, and meats accented with things like wolfberry and lingonberry relish, Mexican crema butter, and marble-size balls of goat cheese infused with Green Goddess and balsamic vinegar. And given the multitude of flavors in each offering, you may not know what you'll get on every forkful, but it will light up your taste buds in ways you never thought possible all the same. Read the full cafe review of Renegade by MOD here.

Photos by Evie Carpenter