Table Scraps

Visual Aid: Table Scraps — Taking on Food Waste in Greater Phoenix

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Lauren Cusimano
The designated tortoise scraps bin at The Farish House — a romantic yet sustainable restaurant in downtown Phoenix.
Welcome to Table Scraps — visual edition. This roundup is from our online series on the growing issue of food waste and what some Phoenix-area eateries, organizations, and everyday people are doing right.

But there’s something we want to be clear about from the start — this isn’t a guilt trip. This is my way of unpacking initiatives attempting to reduce kitchen waste and food loss.

We’ve explored backyard composting to food packaging, nonprofits and local groups to etiquette history, and a few other topics relating to this global issue — including some drive-thru shaming (sorry).

So, heat up those leftovers and settle in. Here’s an entire slideshow of all the Table Scraps stories so far.