Exploring the Nooks and Crannies of August's Third Friday

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Michelle Sasonov
Cute couple at Modified Arts.
We all know about the galleries along Roosevelt Street and Grand Avenue, but it takes a true art lover to know about the spots off the beaten path. One of Phoenix's best-kept secrets is the Hive Gallery, with its gallery, coffee shop, garden, zine distro, meditation studio, and clothing boutique. Nearby is The Lunchbox, Phoenix's newest event venue, print shop, and place for hipsters to hang out after the galleries close. Down south is Xico Inc., where they celebrated 20 years of printmaking. In the warehouse district, ASU Step Gallery opened for the beginning of the school semester and showcased an interactive piece of art on the floor. Back on Roosevelt, Palabra is finally back in the art sector and ready for the new season. Aren't we all? Photos by Mello.