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Nico Heirloom Kitchen in Gilbert Feels Like Coming Home For Dinner — A Really Nice Dinner

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Evie Carpenter
Chef Gio Osso proudly opens his second restaurant, Nico Heirloom Kitchen, in Gilbert this weekend.
When you walk into Nico Heirloom Kitchen in the heart of downtown Gilbert, chef Gio Osso greets you like family. So it's no wonder that the same sense of caring has infused everything from the food to the decor. Family photos hang from the walls, a wood-burning oven warms one corner of the restaurant, and if you're lucky, you'll even find Osso's son, for whom the restaurant is named, weaving between tables. 

But this is still the nationally recognized chef who shook up the Scottsdale dining scene not too long ago with Virtu Honest Craft, so you better believe this food isn't going to be your mama's meatloaf. 

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