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See Omaha Farms' Indoor Cannabis-Growing Facility

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Ray Stern
The propagation room: This is where the "mothers" live a life of ease, called on from time to time to provide fresh clippings to keep particular genetic strains as pure as possible.
Tucked away in a former warehouse in southeast metro Phoenix, a sophisticated medical-marijuana cultivation and processing center hums along every day with the help of several dozen workers and experts in agriculture and business.

Legal under Arizona law, but illegal under federal law, Omaha Farms plants 850 marijuana plants a day, every day. Every four days, workers harvest finished plants and turn them into cannabis products found at its main outlet, Monarch dispensary in Scottsdale, and 15 other Arizona dispensaries. These products include vape cartridges full of hash oil, Kiva brand infused confections, and of course, pounds of high-quality marijuana buds.

Come on a tour with New Times and learn more about one of the local businesses turning once-forbidden plants into medicine for about 100,000 qualified Arizona patients — and also turning them into money for a group of risk-taking entrepreneurs.