Visual Aid: Take a Tour of Giving Tree's Dispensary and Cultivation Center

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Jacob Tyler Dunn
Young plants bask under metal halide lights.
Inside a bland building in a north Phoenix office complex exists a radiant marijuana paradise.

This gift to cannabis aficionados is what Phoenix New Times found when Giving Tree Dispensary recently gave a tour of its cultivation and processing facility, and new retail shop. The boutique cannabis company sells its own strains alongside bigger brands in its store, claiming its niche is the high quality of its top-shelf products, like Katatonic Terps on the Rocks and Kindred THCA capsules. Its grow ops seemed to reflect the desire to be one of the best. The cultivation center was bursting with near-perfect-looking plants. The pre-harvest batches were lush with sticky buds.

We're sorry you couldn't come along for the full sensory experience, but spend a few minutes with these photographs by Jacob Tyler Dunn and you'll see just what we're talking about...