10 Women Street Artists You Need to Know in Metro Phoenix

Ashley Macias artwork located outside the old Palabra location.EXPAND
Ashley Macias artwork located outside the old Palabra location.
Lynn Trimble

After seeing street art exhibitions featuring only men artists at both monOrchid and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, it's time for a friendly reminder that there are plenty of women making cool street art here in metro Phoenix. Here are 10 who should be on your radar.

Ashley Macias
A mural featuring Macias’ characteristic depiction of the human form, which infuses elements of interior and exterior anatomy with abstraction, graces a west-facing exterior wall at the former location of Palabra. But the human figure she once painted on the northern side of an alley located at 15th and Oak Streets behind Barrio Café has been painted over by several graffiti artists including MES, KAPER, and others.

Amanda Adkins artwork at {9} The Gallery.EXPAND
Amanda Adkins artwork at {9} The Gallery.
Lynn Trimble

Amanda Adkins
Street art by Amanda Adkins graces several buildings in downtown Phoenix — including the east-facing exterior wall for Westwind Studios, a former hotel turned artist live-work space where you’ll find her take on the joyous movement of a woman donning a big, beautiful head of dark, wavy hair. She’s also painted a wall (with Jessica Kerlin) that borders the entrance to the Black Theatre Troupe’s building using scenes from some of their previous productions. You’ll find a mural depicting her daughter on the top of an exterior wall at {9} The Gallery.

Street art by Laura Spalding Best.EXPAND
Street art by Laura Spalding Best.
Lynn Trimble

Laura Spalding Best
The utility lines dotting metro Phoenix streets have inspired much of Laura Spalding Best’s body of work, which includes her Centennial mural painted on the south-facing wall for the APS Power Station located at Second and Garfield Streets, and her Power Structures painted on the exterior of a shipping container gallery formerly located in the Roosevelt A.R.T.S. Market — which she painted after her first shipping container mural Mirage was defaced during Paint PHX 2015.

Sierra Joy Stewart street art on the front of The Dressing Room.EXPAND
Sierra Joy Stewart street art on the front of The Dressing Room.
Lynn Trimble

Sierra Joy
People see Sierra Joy Stewart's work every time they cruise down Roosevelt Street in the Roosevelt Row arts district that’s well-known far beyond Arizona’s borders. Her abstract mountains in jelly bean colors grace the front of a vacant building once home to The Dressing Room. It’s nestled between monOrchid and the now-demolished building that once housed GreenHaus and murals by Ted DeGrazia.

Detail of Lauren Lee mural at Oasis on Grand.EXPAND
Detail of Lauren Lee mural at Oasis on Grand.
Lynn Trimble

Lauren Lee
For several years, the Three Birds mural Lee painted on the east-facing exterior wall of GreenHaus served as a way-finding tool and fun background for snapshots. It’s gone now, due to demolition undertaken by a developer building housing on that lot. But Lee says she's been commissioned to create new birds for the new building, and her bird mural at the artist live/work space called Oasis on Grand in the Grand Avenue Arts District remains. Lee’s Flow painted on the exterior of a building located near Vision Gallery for IN FLUX Cycle 4 remains, as does her mural work for Mesa Urban Garden. She spent much of last May painting a 153-foot mural called Don’t Wake the Dreamer commissioned by the City of Tempe, which is located on a wall adjacent to Jaycee Park.

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