7 Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Metro Phoenix

A scenic view from Phoenix Mountain Preserve.EXPAND
A scenic view from Phoenix Mountain Preserve.
Zaida Dedolph

Everything is better with a four-legged friend — especially hiking. As residents of metro Phoenix, we have no shortage of local mountain ranges and nature parks that welcome dogs (on leashes, of course). Here are a few of our favorites, which feature easy-to-moderate climbs, gorgeous views, and plenty of fun stuff to sniff, chase, and roll in. . . if you’re into that kind of thing.

Phoenix Mountain Preserve: Trail 100
If you’re looking to take a long walk with your favorite pooch, try Trail 100. The path, which winds through Phoenix Mountain Preserve, isn’t too steep or too craggy, which makes it perfect for exploring with a dog. The trail itself is about 10 miles long, with various alternative route options for a longer hike. We like this trail because it’s easy enough to accommodate older dogs, but still offers beautiful desert views for their owners.

Views of Metro Phoenix are always nicer with your favorite pup.EXPAND
Views of Metro Phoenix are always nicer with your favorite pup.
Zaida Dedolph

Dreamy Draw Park: Nature Trail
Similar to Trail 100, Dreamy Draw Park’s Nature Trail is pretty easy. It’s also a fairly short loop — just a little over a mile long — so it’s a nice option for dog and people parents alike. No steep climbs here — just a pleasant, simple walk through the Dreamiest Draw we know.

Just about any trail at South Mountain
You really can’t go wrong hiking South Mountain with a dog. We particularly like the trails along the east side of the mountain. These routes are rarely crowded, and the trails are generally a bit wider, so dogs who prefer a little extra space can still enjoy the hike. We like the boulders and sandy soil of the Pima Canyon Wash Trail. For a slightly more challenging hike with Fido, try the Javalina Canyon trail.

White Tank Mountains: Waterfall Canyon Trail
If you’re looking to get out of a metro Phoenix hiking rut, consider taking a short trip to White Tank Mountain Regional Park. This particular park can be a bit more challenging than others on this list — so if you (or your pup) aren’t used to climbing, it might be best to consider another option. But if you’re feeling up for a little challenge, look no further than the Waterfall Canyon Trail. This beauty ends at a small waterfall and swimming hole, and offers cool views of petroglyphs.

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