Arts Commission Project Grants up for Grabs

For those creative types who thrive in the last minute (we're talking in the next two days), there's money to be made.

The Arizona Commission of the Arts funds the ideas and projects of individual artists through Artist Project Grants -- up to $5,500 for research and development in any artistic field.

The catch is simply commitment; artists who apply must propose their projects (or phases of their projects) that can be completed within the requested budgets and timelines.

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And while individuals can only submit one application per year, they can also be listed as collaborative artists in multiple projects within that same time frame.

The commission also awards one project with the Distinguished Merit Award, an additional $2,500. Each year, the commission receives around 190 applications and usually grants around five awards.

Now hurry up and get cracking -- the application must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. on October 20.

For more information and grant guidelines, as well as the application, check out the Arizona Commission on the Arts website.


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