Best Token Republican Hispanic (2012)

State Representative Steve Montenegro

Without state Representative Steve Montenegro, brown-bashers and notorious Sand Land nativists might not have a Hispanic willing to stand next to them in pictures, sing their praises on the stump, or cosponsor their mean-spirited anti-immigrant legislation. But Montenegro is good like that. Himself an immigrant from El Salvador whose family reportedly received a mysterious grant of asylum in the 1980s when the Reagan administration was denying most amnesty appeals from those fleeing the civil war in that small Latin American country, Montenegro has zero sympathy for any and all arrivals newer than he. Photogenic and well-spoken, Montenegro is a constant reminder that right-wing extremists come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. No wonder GOP political operative Constantin Querard recruited the guy. He's the perfect vendido ("sellout"). If you don't believe us, Google "vendido" and "Arizona" and see whose photo pops up.


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