Many have called Copeland a Christian rock band, but the group's singer prefers to avoid the label. "I think that's kind of a defective term," Aaron Marsh has said. "It's not our nature to have religious connotations. We are not a ministry band. We have some people in the band that are Christian, but this is not the focus of our band. We have no agenda in our band other than art." Christian or not, there's no denying they rock. The band's 2005 disc, In Motion, garnered acclaim, but it's been all thorns and spears since. Like the Hebrews wandering the desert looking for the promised land, the Florida band has played the label game bouncing around from The Militia Group to Columbia Records to Tooth & Nail, releasing their last disc, You Are My Sunshine, last October on the latter. They have had a minor resurrection, though: The group's long-awaited sophomore album debuted at number 115 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart within a week of its release.


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