Gosh Damn! Kicks Off Tonight at Club Vibe

DJ Bigie (left) and Kevin the Makeout Bandit launch Gosh Damn! tonight at Club Vibe.
DJ Bigie (left) and Kevin the Makeout Bandit launch Gosh Damn! tonight at Club Vibe.

Along with their Party Foul! brethren Craig Citizen and BC/AD, as well as Electrostatic's Benni Beatnik, they've forged ahead with their new joint Gosh Damn! at CenPho's Club Vibe, which has all the hallmarks of some of their previous dance nights (including the requisite exclamation point).

But while others have suggested the Friday night weekly "picks up where Party Foul left off," that's not the whole story.

As Bigie told me a few weeks back prior to Homme's closure, he and his fellow DJs felt the night was "becoming predictable" and were aiming for Gosh Damn! to have a different kinda feel altogether. In a sense, it will have less of a focus on electro (which has kinda fallen in popularity in recent months) be more like Word Up!, the Saturday night shindig they ran at the old Glam danceteria.

"It will be a bit more like Word Up! was at Glam! with a little bit of everything like B'more, '80s, '90s, and other stuff," Bigie told me at the time.

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Other than that, however, the night will feature all the trappings of Party Foul! and Word Up!, including the requisite "photobooth" and a slew of drink specials (including 2-for-1 domestics and well drinks until 11 p.m.). The musical menu also includes hip-hop, retro, fidget, and grime.

Doors open at 9 p.m. and there's no cover before 10. More info can be found on their MySpace.

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