You Hang Up

You Hang Up

By now, loyal readers are probably familiar with the hullabaloo surrounding local band You Hang Up, which prominently features child actor Frankie Muniz (best known for his starring role in Malcolm in the Middle) on drums. You undoubtedly remember how You Hang Up scheduled a show, canceled it, and then secretly played at a different venue, so that New Times wouldn't know about it. You may recall a juicy Twitter war between Frankie's fiancée, Elycia Marie, and music editor Martin Cizmar. You caught the news that the band entered, and won, a contest to open up for Hanson on the Mesa stop of Hanson's 2010 tour. You may have found out that the band played a 10-date tour last month, which included no stops in their Phoenix home. Now for the big news: They're actually playing a local show featuring local bands. (Wha-wha-what?) If this thing actually happens, it'll be groundbreaking for the local quartet. Who knows? Maybe someday they'll release a whole record.

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