5 Best New Metro Phoenix Restaurants of 2014 -- So Far

A two-meat plate from Little Miss BBQ
A two-meat plate from Little Miss BBQ
Lauren Saria

If the first half of 2014 is an accurate indication of how the rest of this year's going to go, then we're in for quite a delicious ride. We've welcomed more than a few hot new dining spots to the scene, some of which didn't quite make this list but just need time and a few tweaks to become true top-notch spots for Valley diners.

Some of the places that top this list of the best new restaurants so far take a cue from the current dining trends, while others deliver classic cuisine done remarkably well. All of them play a part in making the city a more delicious place to dine with every passing year. In no particular order, here are five of my favorite restaurants to open so far in 2014.

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Little Miss BBQ

It may have taken a little while for the barbecue trend to make its way here. But with the arrival of Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, it's fair to say it's arrived and in a big way. When we look back on the Valley's barbecue scene, I think we'll see two distinct eras: pre-Little Miss and post-. Because yes, the barbecue is really that good. Owners Scott and Bekke Holmes do central Texas-style 'cue that's dry rubbed and slow smoked -- for a full 11 hours in the case of Little Miss BBQ's brisket. The rest of the menu's meaty options include pulled pork, housemade sausage, pastrami, and turkey. Waiting in the restaurant's inevitable line is part of the experience. Just keep your fingers crossed they don't run out before you reach the counter. Best to show up early and avoid the risk of severe disappointment.

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