In Season: Turnips
Jennifer Woods

In Season: Turnips

You recently learned about rutabagas.  This week, before it gets too late, I want to show you turnips so you can really tell them apart.  They look so similar but have a big difference in taste.  While rutabagas are sweet and yellow fleshed, turnips have a strong cabbage flavor and have a brilliant white interior.  I have had a mostly off again relationship with turnips and have made it a mission to get Pamela Hamilton from Edible Phoenix to love them with me.  She's replied to some of my tweets telling me that she's not a believer in turnip love. Here's my best effort to woo you two.  If she (and you) don't love my recipes below, then you'll never love turnips.   

Some roasty toasty turnip lovin' after the jump.


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