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Rabbit: It's What's for Dinner in Phoenix, Thanks to Entrepreneur Nick Klein

Nick Klein is a mass murderer -- of rabbits. No, really.

Klein is an enterprising businessman and owner of the "Hostile Hare," a company that specializes in raising meat rabbits, selling meat-rabbit cages, and educating others on the ins and outs of raising rabbits for meat. Clients typically are backyard hobbyists, doomsday "preppers," urban homesteaders and the like. He freely admits his line of work puts a few people off. Never mind that he's the number-one producer of rabbits in the state of Arizona and is expanding his business to employ others as breeders. His pets have scales and his food has fur. This is awkward for some people, and not just vegetarians. Just ask the folks who sat next to him on his last plane ride, or the woman sitting next to us in the cafe where Chow Bella interviewed Klein.

However, if you've even thought about raising rabbits for meat, Klein has a kick ass cage system called the "Hare-o-ponic." He's even developing a software program and app that would allow urban or rural rabbit-raisers to better organize the animal husbandry side of the business. Klein clearly found a hole in the market and swooped in. "From a capitalist prospective, rabbits make you more money, per dollar put into, it than any other livestock," he says.

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Kate Crowley
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