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10 Metro Phoenix Street Artists to Follow on Instagram

Nowadays you needn’t stroll or bike your way down every street to see the riches of the metro Phoenix street art scene. Savvy street artists have taken to Instagram to share their artwork. Some feature images of their own artwork, as well as work by others. Here are 10 metro Phoenix street artists you should follow on Instagram.

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Tyson Krank's (t_krank) feed is filled with murals sporting his characteristic black and white designs, often bearing figures with voluminous black spaces for eyes. But you'll also find pictures of works by other artists, Krank giving his trademark paint treatment to a van, and a fun assortment of everything from friends to feline. 

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Tato Caraveo (tatocaraveo) posts everything from his small-scale figurative work to large-scale murals with a surrealism vibe. Cavareo collaborates often with fellow artist JB Snyder, so you'll also see plenty of Snyder's works. Common themes in Caraveo's work include music, sugar skulls, and famous faces such as artist Frida Kahlo. 

Lauren Lee (laurenleeartist) posts photos of both her many murals around town, and her works painted in fine artist mode — which often depict women, birds, and flowers. Most recently she shared works in progress photos of her mural for the City of Tempe painted during a 7-week period. But you'll also se works she's exhibited in various galleries around town. 

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Look for street art and graffiti from Pablo Luna (atodamuerte), who has a long history of creating street art here in metro Phoenix. Often he collaborates with other artists such as El Mac and Lalo Cota, so you'll also see plenty of collaborative works. Luna also posts photos of family and friends.

A photo posted by Breeze M (@breeze1phx) on

Thomas "Breeze" Marcus (breeze1phx) shares photos of his work featuring a distinct graffiti-style script, which is a common thread running through his large-scale outdoor works and pieces created for gallery and other settings — which he sometimes paints on round canvases. His Instagram feed also includes plenty of pictures of works by other artists, and his own collaborations with fellow street artists.

Look for works with a heavy social justice focus from Douglas Miles (dmiles1_apache), which is carried through both his street art and his works on skateboards and unconventional surfaces from suitcases to wooden panels. Miles shares works exhibited in gallery settings, but also street art created in alleyways, on building fronts, and in other outdoor settings.

A photo posted by Jesse Perry (@mrdowntownphx) on

Jesse Perry (mrdowntownphx) often posts work-in-progress shots, which frequently feature works commissioned by local businesses and other organizations. His feed includes everything from inspirational quotes painted at a local high school to daily doodles in his sketch book. Perry also posts pictures of adventures undertaken with coffee and ale. 

Jeff Slim (theallelectrickitchen) is known for his figurative work in bold colors, created on canvas and several walls around town. Slim's feed features works created alone and in collaboration with other artists. In addition to street art and artwork exhibited in gallery settings and other art spaces, Slim posts screen shots of some of his favorite songs, so you also get some insight into his personal tastes in music.

A photo posted by JB Snyder (@jb_snyder) on

JB Snyder's (jb_snyder) feed features not only his own works on buildings all around town, but also his collaborations with other artists including fellow street artist Tato Caraveo. You'll also see his works exhibited in gallery settings, which often mirror his characteristic street art with an abstract stained-glass vibe. 

A photo posted by Such Styles (@suchstylez) on

You'll find photos of works by both Such Styles (suchstylez) and his son, Champ Styles, who often collaborate in creating street art. His Instagram feed also includes works by both artists created for exhibitions, festivals and other settings. You'll also see pictures of his trademark cat figures and other work channeling a vintage cartoon vibe. 

Find more street artists on Instagram by checking out who these artists follow, and who follows them, on Instagram. If you've got other favorites, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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