5 Gifts for the Book Lover

People who love books are kind of a different breed. We're not talking about the person who occasionally browses the New York Times best-sellers list. We're talking about those midnight release frequenters, those readers who have a literary reference for everything, those coworkers who need an extra few cups of coffee because they were up all night finishing the latest page-turner, and those hardcore shippers who take it personally if you don't respect their chosen One True Pairing.

Buying the book lover in your life another hardcover this holiday season just seems a little too easy, doesn't it? Branch out. We've got five suggestions for gifts to surprise your bibliophile with something perfectly bookish without actually having a cover and hundreds of plot-lined pages.

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Gift certificate to The Bookshop

Nothing looks better on a bookshelf than some tattered, well-loved books. What's better than picking out older books for someone else? Having them pick for themselves. We don't think there's any better place in town to hunt for second-hand books than The Bookshop, 6018 North 16th Street. Get a gift card for however much you want and let your book lover get lost between The Bookshop's shelves while hunting for that perfectly worn copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Wooden Owl Bookends from For the People

Full disclosure: We're not actually sure these adorable wooden owl sculptures are meant to be bookends. But we asked the helpful man working in For the People and he agrees that they would totally work. We say, go for it. And there isn't a bookshelf in the world that wouldn't look better with two of these guys propping up beloved copies of favorite stories. We think the medium sized owls ($74 each) would work best, but these can be purchased in three different sizes at For the People in UNION at Biltmore Fashion Park, 2502 East Camelback Road.

Printmaking workshop at Mesa Arts Center

We don't know when this became a trend, but Etsy, Tumblr, and Pinterest are littered with people taking quotes and covers from their favorite books and turning them into prints and posters. So, sure, you could just go find one of these with your bookworm's favorite literary quote on it, or you could give the opportunity for them to hand-make their own version. Mesa Arts Center, 1 East Main Street, is offering two printmaking workshops in 2015 each for $250. Visit mesaartscenter.com for more information and to enroll in the class. And then go clear a spot on your wall, because we're sure whatever comes from that class will be frame-worthy.

Where the Wild Things Are/Fantastic Mr. Fox prints from Prints and Printables Yes, we just told you to have your book lover make their own print, but if that's not their thing, we highly recommend the nostalgic, whimsical prints from Prints and Printables. And the series of prints of Where the Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr. Fox are our favorites. Maybe these prints are meant to be for children's rooms, but can you really put an age limit on loving these childhood classics? We think not. You can purchase one 8-by-10-inch print for $14 or a set of four for $44.

Tickets to see Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester and the Power of Observation at the Phoenix Art Museum

Starting in January, a piece directly from the hand of Leonardo da Vinci will be on view for the first time ever in Arizona at the Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 North Central Avenue. And it's a book. Yep, we can hardly wait, too. Seriously, you could take your bibliomaniac to see a hand-written manuscript from da Vinci full of his observations and thoughts on the world, the Codex Leicester without hopping on a plane or even leaving the state. Sign us up! The Codex Leicester will be on view in the Steele Gallery from January 24 to April 12, 2015. Admission to the museum for non-member adults is $15 and can be purchased at phxart.org.

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