5 Gifts for the Sneakerhead

Not sure what to get the sneakerhead in your life? You want to get them something sneaker-related, but don't want to shell out $200 for those shoes they've been looking at. Or, worse yet, you're pretty sure they have every pair of sneakers ever made and you wouldn't even know where to start when shopping for them.

Look no further, here's a list of five items from local shops to get the sneakerhead of any age.

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5. Disposable: The History of Skateboard Art from Changing Hands Bookstore

Sneaker culture finds its roots in two places, basketball and skateboarding. Sure, Michael Jordan has done more for sneakers than any individual skater, but flipping through the pages of Sean Cliver's collection ($40) will give your kicks-addicted friends insight to how some of the common colorways and designs of modern sneakers came to be, and is, in particular, a must-own for fans of Nike SB products.

4. Custom socks from New World Culture

So your sneakerhead friend has every sneaker he or she could possibly want? Then you should get them the next best thing, a pair of socks ($15) to go with them. The days of buying a 10-pack of socks from Hanes to go with your $250 Jordans are gone. Everyone has the overpriced standard Nike Elite socks and Jordan Brand socks, so why not get something that'll help your favorite sneakerhead stand out from the crowd?

3. Joggers/Warm-ups from High Point Shoes - $30-60

What's the point of rocking the latest Kith drop if no one can see your kicks? If your friends are going to spend the money to have the newest sneakers, the least you can do is get them a pair of pants that show them off. With options from the biggest streetwear brands, such as HUF, as well as Nike and Jordan, you should definitely be able to find a style of athletic pants that your sneakerhead friend will love.

2. Air Legends Shoe Cleaner/Sole Sauce from Pound for Pound

What's one of the most important thing about owning a sneaker collection? Making sure that most of the shoes stay in good shape. Nobody wants to dirty their sneakers the first time they wear them, so pick up some sneaker cleaner ($15 to $20) for your closest sneakerhead and they'll love you forever -- or at least through the holiday season.

1. Nike SBs from Cowtown Skateboards

Unless your sneakerhead is particularly anti-Nike, picking up a pair of Dunks or Janoskis on the cheap is a pretty safe way to go. Most limited edition Nikes cost $100 to $200, but considering that people seem to forget that some local skate shops carry Nike SB products, you can often find limited Dunks and premium Janoskis for up to half-off ($40 to $120) in the clearance section. Even if they're not the biggest SB fan, they'll appreciate you helping feed their sneaker addiction, and Nike is always a safe bet.

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