7 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Your Social Life

Social media has become a part of our daily routine as much as brushing our teeth or putting on shoes. The irony is that social media can stop you from having an exciting social life. Think about it this way: Every time you look down to check your phone, not only does gravity pull down your face, but your next BFF or love interest could pass you by. Here are seven ways social media could be ruining your life at this very moment.

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Candy Crush is a Hobby

If this is you after finally beating level 65 of Candy Crush, then you need a productive hobby. This game is highly addicting and fun, but it shouldn't be the source of your happiness. Here are questions to ask yourself: "How is this helping my life?" "How would my crush feel knowing I'm on level 98?" "Wow, did I really spend actual money for virtual lives?" Solution: Limit the candy crushing. Dust off that guitar and learn how to play it. Go for a walk. Go write an outline for that book you've been talking about.

"Liking" People, Events or Places, but Never Pursuing Them

We all have that one guy or girl who we secretly occasionally stalk on various networks. Instead of pursuing them, we like their pictures (like creeps). Same goes for events invites on Facebook. This is ruining your social life. It's called a social network for a reason. Message that person, or go to the event. You never know; it could be fun. Decoding and Overthinking Punctuation and Emoticons

This is one way to completely destroy your social life. Time spent wondering why the person you're interested in didn't put a smiley or an exclamation point or why they take so long to text me back is a waste. Do they hate you? No. Different people have their own styles of texting. The main focus should be the context of the text. If you're freaking out about that, too, then call them instead. Sometimes people are better talkers than texters. Before jumping to conclusions, make sure you have a valid point.

Checking/Updating Every Five Minutes

If you're that person who would rather be on their phone than actually engaging in a conversation with a real human being, then you're probably hated. Okay, so maybe you're not that extreme. Checking your phone once in a while is completely fine, but when you make it a habit, it's a problem. Nobody needs to know the minute-by-minute status of your relationships or how empty your heart is ever since The Office ended. (Okay, that's acceptable.) Leave some room for mystery. Don't update so often. Make people wonder what you're doing. Bragging About Likes/Followers/Comments

This is a Vine I posted celebrating my Vine victory. As you can see, I was quickly brought back to reality. Being #VineFamous is awesome, but what is there to be proud of? Human interaction is good for the soul. Step away from the phone and enjoy your friends.

All Dolled Up with No Place to Go/Duck Faces

Saving your best outfits, hair, or makeup for an Instagram picture. Don't get us wrong, we get dressed up for no reason, but for an Instagram picture? One more thing about pictures: duck face. If you're pouting your lips or throwing up a peace sign, you're probably getting unfollowed at this very moment. Break the mold! Show your teeth and smile. Maybe even throw in a goofy face once in a while.

Staying Up Late

We've all been to that weird part of YouTube. It's one in the morning and you can't stop watching episodes of Dr. Phil. When you wake up, you feel hungover . . . from too much YouTube. After that, you're late for work, then class, and then for the rest of the day, you've got the grumps. Solution? Shut off the phone or computer. Get some rest. The Internet will still be there when you get back. Promise.

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