A (POM) Wonderful Snowman

Time to get your holiday craftiness in gear with goods from the recycle bin. Have you ever noticed that the POM wonderful pomegranate bottle looks a little bit like a fat, round snowman? Well take a look; once the little plastic wonder is painted white you can clearly see the resemblance.

So snag a few bottles from friends, family and neighbors, because you're about to decorate your own little frosty.

POM wonderful bottle
White spray paint
Black craft paint
Craft paint brush
Wire (about a foot length)
Black Sharpie marker
Sharp awl
Metal Disc
Sheets of plastic sticker vinyl
E-6000 Glue
Mod Podge

1. Empty out a POM wonderful bottle (be sure it's clean).

2. Paint the outside of the bottle with white spray paint.

3. Paint the lid with black craft paint and a brush to look like a hat.

4. Once dry, pierce the top of the black lid (hat) with a sharp awl and then push the wire through the hole you created.

5. Under the lid, attach the wire to a metal disc by tying it around a few times.

6. Screw the lid on and get ready to decorate.
7. Use a black sharpie marker to make the snowman's eyes.
8. Cut a piece of orange vinyl sticker in the shape of a carrot sticking out sideways to serve as the nose. Stick it down to the nose area.

9. Next cut a ribbon of vinyl sticker to serve as the scarf (you can also use ribbon). Trim the edge to look like fringe.

10. Brush over top of the nose and the scarf with Mod Podge to ensure they do not fall off as the stick wears off.
11. Grab a couple of black buttons and glue them to the belly area with E-6000 glue.

12. Punch the sides of the snowman with the awl and insert small twigs on either side, glue them in with E6000.

13. Finally head outside and hang the little winter-land buddy out in the front yard on a tree.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.